Spotify racks up to one million singular listeners in India less than a week




Since its launch less than a week ago, the company confirmed to Billboard, Spotify has clocked more than 1 million unique users in India across its free and premium  While there was no specific breakdown of subscribers versus free users, the company confirmed that the current free trial offer is for 30 days,  while a monthly subscription would cost 119 Indian Rupees per month, or about USD 1.68. increase Spotify plays globally buy Clicking here https:
Last week, Warner Music Group filed an injunction to stop Spotify from launching songs published by Warner / Chappell.

Music Publishing in India legal challenge and subsequent launch increased tensions between Spotify and the major labels. Spotify from competing on the market.” WMG called Spotify’s comments “appalling,” adding, We are shocked that they would exploit the valuable rights of songwriters without a license.” Nevertheless, the launch of Spotify is significant in India, where its largest competitor Apple Music already operates and where local services-and, in particular, the local Bollywood film and music industry-dominate the industry to a large extent. And streaming has more complicated things, which raises several copyrights.