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General FAQ

These are just general common questions we hear about buying views.

How does “Buying YouTube Views” work?


Where do views come from?


Can you make money from buying views?


How much should views cost?


Is buying YouTube views anonymous?


Common Concerns

If you’re worried or have an concern about buying views, these FAQs should clear things up. Don’t worry – we’ve done some pretty extensive research to answer these questions.

Is buying views safe?


Can I get banned?


Can I get scammed?


Can I lose views?


Is buying views illegal?


Are bought views obvious? Can others tell I buy views?


Service Questions

Here are some of the questions we hear a lot about the actual Buy YouTube Views service.

How long does it take?


What does “Retention” mean?


Does Retention actually matter?


Are real people watching my video if I buy views?


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